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Ways to Reduce Paper Usage

From writing grocery lists to mailing out letters, you probably use a lot more paper than you realize. 


If you want to live a greener lifestyle both at home and in the office, follow these tips to cut back on your paper usage:

Say “no” to junk mail.

The average adult receives around 41 pounds of junk mail per year, and 44% of this mail ends up unopened in the landfill. Based on these statistics, imagine how much paper is wasted every year on junk mail alone! If you want to reduce paper consumption, do your part to stop junk mail from ending up in your mailbox. One way to do this is by registering for DMAchoice, a service that allows you to unsubscribe from junk mail senders to cut down on the useless letters, catalogs and promotions that you receive in the mail. After you sign up, talk to your boss at work about signing up as well. Businesses tend to receive a lot of catalogs and magazines that they don’t need, so using a service such as DMAchoice would be a smart move for the office.

Consider reusable products.

How many napkins and paper towels does your family go through during the week? If you find yourself constantly restocking these items in your home, consider switching to the reusable kind to cut back on paper usage. Washing reusable cloths uses less energy than it takes to create paper napkins and towels. Another bonus? Switching to reusable cloths will cost you less, too!

Pay bills online.

A lot of the mail that we receive and send out has to do with bills. To cut back on your paper usage, ask each of the companies that you receive bills from in the mail to switch to e-bills only. Not only will this help reduce the amount of paper that you use, but it will also make paying bills more convenient for you.

Always do the dishes.

It’s tempting to avoid doing the dishes by serving your family’s dinner on paper plates after a long day of work, but don’t give in! Always stick to regular dishes so you don’t waste paper at home. Get the whole family involved with the after dinner cleanup so it’s not as big of a chore. Remember, kids are learning green habits from you, so if you teach them to use paper plates, these bad habits could carry on into their adult life.

Buy recycled paper.

No matter what you do, there will still be a need for you to use paper at some point, so be responsible and choose the right kind of paper. Recycled paper uses less energy and water than regular paper and also helps reduce the amount of waste that’s sent to landfills. Manufacturers make different types of recycled paper in varying levels of whites and thickness. Find the type that’s closest to the paper that you normally buy, and you’ll never be able to tell the difference—but the Earth sure will!

With these simple tips, you can significantly reduce the amount of paper that you and those around you consume!


How to Go Green While on Vacation

Before you pack a suitcase and hit the road, don’t forget to brush up on how you can stay green while you’re on vacation.  


Bring a bag.

If you plan on taking a long road trip with your friends or family, be sure to carry a small bin or bag with you to collect recyclables in your car. On road trips, people usually throw out trash at convenience stores or rest stops. These areas are not known to have recycling bins, so it’s up to you to make the effort to recycle while you’re on the road.

Talk to your hotel.

Once you get to your destination, be sure to stop and talk to someone at the front desk about the hotel’s green initiatives. Almost every hotel chain is trying to go green in way or another, so ask how you can participate. Hotels may have a recycling bin you can keep in your room during your stay, or may ask you to reuse towels and sheets to cut back on energy usage.

Go reusable.

It’s tempting to stock up on tiny shampoos and conditioners to take with you when you go on vacation. But, instead of buying these mini-sized products, buy a reusable bottle you can fill with your favorite products over and over again. You should also bring a reusable water bottle for every person on the trip and fill up at gas stations or anywhere you see a water fountain. The more you can incorporate reusable items into your vacation, the better!

Skip the rental car.

Before you book your trip, do a little research about the area you’re going to and try to find a hotel within walking distance to all the activities you have planned. Walking everywhere is much greener than having to rely on a taxi or rental car to get around town. Another bonus? It’s cheaper, too!

Stay efficient.

Even though you won’t be the one paying the utility bills at the end of your hotel stay, it’s important you practice the same energy efficient habits you do at home when you are on vacation. For example, don’t leave the hotel room for the day without making sure all the lights are turned off. Try to resist the allure of taking extra long showers and stick to what you normally would do if you were at home.

Do one eco-friendly thing a day.

Make going green part of your vacation itinerary by planning one eco-friendly event per day. If you’re going to the beach, get the gang up early one morning to pick up trash along the shore. Talk to the concierge at your hotel about any farm-to-table restaurants in the area so you can support local businesses and their sustainable practices. When you incorporate green activities into your day, they won’t seem like such a chore, but rather a fun part of your trip.

With these tips, you can master the art of having a fun, relaxing and most importantly, environmentally friendly vacation!